Baby Jeeter – Gruntz


About this strain: Gruntz

The top reported aromas of the Gruntz strain are a sugary combination of fruit and cotton candy along with earthy skunk. It’s said to taste similar.

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Product description

Gruntz Baby Jeeter Rolled Joints: Five .35g Joints 1.75g | Indica | Indoor Grown

Gruntz is an indica strain made by crossing Gelato with Zkittlez. Smoking Gruntz produces an uplifting sensation that leaves consumers feeling focused, tingly, and euphoric. Gruntz combines the best of both of its parent strains in the flavor department, with a sweet and fruity berry candy flavor with hints of sugary cotton candy, too. The aroma is of earthy spice and sour fruity candy with touches of skunk here and there. The effects of this strain last longer than your average one.


Each, 2.5G


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